We provide worldwide services in web applications, mobile applications, IoT and ebusiness including: Custom Development, Consulting, Maintenance, Build Operate Transfer and Outsourcing.

Our services


With AXiS IR we offer the customer 1 solution for all IT questions. Are you looking for an IT solution?


In our product overview you will find some examples of an IT solution.                                                               

Black & Lines

We want to make it unique that we can be proud of. For all your media, design- digital marketing, our thinking and working method is Black & Lines.

AXiS Game Force

Just come up with your idea or concept and we can help you develop your video game.


  • Custom applications & product development

  • E-commerce solutions B2B B2C & auction

  • Work flow management

  • Travel portal

  • Supply chain management

  • Web design and CMS

  • Mobile systems and develoment

  • Maintenance and support service

  • Application Development

  • Web application Development

  • Enterprise wide solutions

  • Portal Solutions

  • CRM Solutions

  • HR Solutions

  • Project tracking system

  • E-learning system

  • Insurance Solutions

  • Security

  • Designs

  • ERP Solutions

  • Software & App testing

  • Developers

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Intergrate applications

  • Blockchain

  • SAAS-applications

  • Digital marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence