We provide worldwide services in web applications, mobile applications, IoT and ebusiness including: Custom Development, Consulting, Maintenance, Build Operate Transfer and Outsourcing.

Our services


W ith AXiS IR we offer the customer 1 solution for all IT questions. Are you looking for an IT solution? Just ask your question.

Internet of Things

We look at the efficiency of devices and services, saving money and physical effort.                                                                        

Mobile Application

Our approach to software and mobile development ensures a smooth experience on all devices.

Web & Internet

AXiS Digital is widely known for delivering result-oriented website designs to our customers.

Black & Lines

We want to make it unique that we can be proud of. For all your media, design- digital marketing, our thinking and working method is Black & Lines.

AXiS Game Force

Just come up with your idea or concept and we can help you develop your video game.


  • Custom applications & product development

  • E-commerce solutions B2B B2C & auction

  • Work flow management

  • Travel portal

  • Supply chain management

  • Web design and CMS

  • Mobile systems and develoment

  • Maintenance and support service

  • Application Development

  • Web application Development

  • Enterprise wide solutions

  • Portal Solutions

  • CRM Solutions

  • HR Solutions

  • Project tracking system

  • E-learning system

  • Insurance Solutions

  • Security

  • Designs

  • ERP Solutions

  • Software & App testing

  • Developers

  • Cloud Solutions

  • Intergrate applications

  • Blockchain

  • SAAS-applications

  • Digital marketing

  • Artificial Intelligence